Thursday, October 28, 2010

1st time seeing snow

I love watching our kids experience new things. I love watching their eyes open with delight and have that special twinkle. (You know what I am talking about)
Today I seen it with Lily. This winter will be the first for her. Last year she could care less about snow and all the winter activities that come with it. But this's going to be great.
The first snow fall she just stared out the window pointing and asking "What's that?" So I put on her boots and let her experience snow.
She had so much fun just running around outside in the sprinkle-flakes. But the next day when we went to Sat Lake City she seen this and I know I couldn't say "No" to her....

While Mason was getting some testing done these 2 winter-born babies played in the snow. For 2 hours straight. It was so adorable to watch them 2 play. Even though it was only a few small inches they had so much fun.
I was so glad to watch her excitement. I can't wait for a snow blizzard. :-)
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