Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear Kids....our bust and must

Dear Kids,
Thank you for letting us (Mom and Dad) pick today's family outing. I know at times it was hard for you but you all were so gracious in trying. But Dad and I will have our moments where we will have a bust or must when we try to plan an outing.

But we will try to remember-
MUST: touching airplanes at the Hill Field Museum.

BUST: everything behind windows or ropes. You all were great for trying to keep your hands to yourself.

MUST: the play land inside the museum. FYI- please have stuff we can touch

 (silly airmen like flying to the moon is hard)
BUST: telling you that we are leaving the play land....so it's ok that you yelling "NEVER" to me

MUST:  We redeemed ourselves as parents by going to a pumpkin patch.

 Success!!! Our kids had so much fun playing in the patch. Here's Hailey running in the hay-maze. She got scared that she would be lost (past experience) so she ran right back to the entrance to ensure she was safe.

Lily being stinking cute on the bridge to the hay maze.

 Mike is looking for that one awesome pumpkin to claim his own.
Cati hitch hiking on the wagon.

 We have such cute girls!
BUST: they got tired pretty fast. So Daddy pulled them back to the van. (Well...not really a bust for Dad and me)
MUST: taking some bites of our pumpkins before we even got home
So thank you kids for your attitudes, hugs, screams and kisses. Without those acts of craziness we might of thought to have a more mature outing. What were we thinking???? :-)
Love your parents

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