Sunday, September 19, 2010


We've been slightly  busy but I hate missing an opportunity to blog so here's a few small happy moments we've had lately.
Here is Lily, Hailey, and little ''A'' decorating cupcakes. I didn't ask her mom for permission to blog her daughter's name-so she's ''Little A". We've have weekly play dates at each other's house. That means the kids have some fun and us-mom's have a small break. YEAH!!!

Lily speaking Spanish. This girl amazes us. She gets yes and no confused but can speak Spanish.

Hailey wanted to make Mike an "I love you Daddy" party so she decorated our front room. When Mike came home from work he was surprised. It was really thoughtful for her to want to celebrate Mike. I thought it was a really sweet gesture. 

 Lily loves to look upside. Once more this is something I'm not sure where she learned but it makes her so cute.
 Cati has a ponytail!!!! I had to really work the elastic in but it counts. Now people comment on her ponytail instead of asking if Cati is a girl or boy. I love it!

Small things are just as important as the big things.
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