Saturday, October 3, 2009


Mike, Lily and I headed up to Snowbird for their annual OktoberfestThis was the first time either one of us went to this festival. You can see Mike and Lily blended right in.
There was live German music and rows of these long banquet hall tables that everyone just sat by each other to eat. We ordered 2 brauts with sauerkraut and we sat by some fine gentlemen who must of gotten there early since they were drunk already. But it was entertaining....except when Lily started copying them...that was our cue to leave.But before we left Lily started to dance to the polka music. After this we went to a few shops and picked up a few things... Lily got herself a nice lollipop...

It was alot of fun for us to experience a taste of German culture.This is why Lily said "I love dada" today. Moments like this make her such a daddy's girl.
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