Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Field Trip

Hailey had her first real field trip today with her preschool. They went to Pack's Pumpkin Patch. Try saying that 10 times fast...Lily got to tag along in the enjoyment. At the pumpkin patch is a hay maze that she and her classmates got to play in. Try keeping an eye on 8 running preschoolers. That was fun..but good thing there was 4 parents plus the teacher. Hailey and one of her friends. After the hay maze the kids got to play on a tractor... then go pick their own pumpkin from the patch field. It was so great to watch all the kids try to find that one perfect pumpkin. Hailey found this baby pumpkin. She said she wanted a baby circle pumpkin to match my circle belly. Thanks Hai.....Anyways Lily found a big pumpkin .... she wanted to hold it until the class regrouped but it was almost as big as her.
It was adorable to see them enjoying themselves.

Here's the end product of the girls perfect pumpkin...

See...I told you Lily picked a big one.
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