Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I had this idea for the kids to each make Ducati a onesis. I figured it would be a nice gesture for him or her to wear at the hospital.

So here's the outcome....

Lily made her's one colored onesis. And since we're not telling the gender until later I colored the picture but you can still see the design... I admit I helped Lily a little

But she enjoyed it....
Here's Hailey's... she wanted it to look really pretty

Mason really got into it...he was so focused on making it look not scary for his baby sibling

(Sorry I can't show the back or it might give the gender away)

Also, Mike is making me a nursery. I will show when it's complete. He's been working on it for about 3 weeks now. He's turning a side of our big master bedroom into Ducati's Corner. It looks really awesome so far. But I wanted to help out with the decorations so I had the kids make these hand print painting for the wall. I painted 4 canvases but since there is only 3 kids available when Ducati comes the last will be painted.
But here's a sneak peek of my nursery...


They look great and are hanging above the crib right now. But like I said when the nursery is done I'll post a pic ASAP.

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