Sunday, October 11, 2009

Detroit Lions!

We went to a Detroit Lions game. This is something Mike has wanted to do for so long. To see his team in action. So we took the flight to Chicago then on Sunday morning we drove the 5 hours to Detroit. When we got to the Field it was just crazy madness everywhere.....

There was a Pre-Game Tail Gate Party. That alone was Lions Band, food, dancers, games, drunk people everywhere all before 11am....
Mike and Lily decked out in their Lions gear

The Famous Ford Field.....

Pictures from inside the stadium where we sat. We had some really good seats. Just a few rows from the field. Next time we'll save more money and get closer to the players.
Mike in action during the game....he was so hyped up....check out his new Lions shirt I brought him in the stadium
Lily in her shirt I made her. Sorry I didn't want to dish out $18 on a baby shirt. So I made one that said," My First Lions Game". Everyone around us said she looked so adorable in her shirt and her football beads. They were right!

Don't ever let a drunk guy take your picture. We let him take a family photo and nice smug... But it's still cute

pictures after the game

After the game the party continued outside with the Lions drum line playing for the crowd. Amazing! People were dancing like crazy even though the Lions lost to the Steelers. We blame the Lions fans. They really suck at cheering on their home team. Mike and I thought that the team players needed the make over but instead we now know it's the team fans.
But when we started our drive back to Chicago we seen this lake and just had to stop and take a picture.

I'm so happy that Mike finally got to do something he always dreamed of doing. And I was there to witness it....along with 10,000 other screaming fans.
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