Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ducati Celebration

Today we had our baby shower

When people entered they were instructed to put their name into one of these tins.

Then on our snack buffet we divided into two sections......Team GirlCups, plates, cupcakes, soda and lemonade were all pink.... then Team BoySame for team boy....thanks for food coloring. So if someone thought we were having a boy they used the blue plates....if you thought I was pregnant with a girl they used the pink stuff....It was fun.

Then came the guest....Angie's friend Heidi that I have known since 8th grade

Aaron was too quick. He was in Mason's room already by the time my photographer took this photo ( We hired Hailey to take photos. She works for cheap....candy)Another close friend of Angie's, Melisa and her 2 kids with Heidi (Melisa's kids were playing with all the other kids so most kids are not pictured)
Shane, Kristen and their baby Tristen. Mike and Shane work together. Their baby is TOOOO cute!!!Grandma SueDaina and Aaron....they were alittle an hour but better late than never

After the guest snacked alittle we played 3 games. So when the people put their names into the tins that was their team.

Team Boy-Melisa, Heidi, Daina and Steve
Team Girl- Julia, Sue, Mike, Aaron, Shane, Kristen (actually Steve cheated and switched after the first 2 games to Team Girl even though he thought it was a boy so he would be on the same team with Julia so Mike went to Team Boy to try to make it a little even)

description of games:
1. Name the Famous parents child: I made a list of 13 famous parents and each team had to fill in the blank of their child's name. Example Homer and Marge Simpson-Bart, Lisa, Maggie or Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes-Suri. Team Boy won this game!!!
2. Guess the Weight:Mike and I filled a backpack with some weight and the teams had to guess the weight in it. The weight was the weight I had gained while being pregnant. I know I'm a little crazy. But I know I have had 2 kids in 2 years so it's no secret that I have gained some baby weight. I'm OK telling people that. (it's not like I'm going to stay this weight forever) But Sue was the winner at guessing. She guessed 25lbs. and I gained 26lbs. So this time Team Girl won!!
3. 20 Questions- I wrote down people and movie titles that people had to explain to their team so their team can guess what was being described. Which ever team could do the most in 3 minutes was the winner. Example: Catwoman.....described as in Batman movie, wore leather, used a whip, etc. Julia really got into this game. But Team Girl won this game. Maybe since they had more people but nevertheless they won!

Prize for winning each game was......
Julia asked if their was something special on why the candy had stickers on it. Mike said it was a clue but no one got the clue....take a look....Can you see it? Her.....She....Whers.....and the 20 Question game only one person caught on. Kristen noticed that all the movies and people were girls....But no one heard her so everyone kept going on with the game....But great detective work Kristen!
After we played Mike and I revealed the gender. On the back of the polka dotted baby photos that represented each team there was a message on the back.
Team Boy:

Team Girl:

Yes.....we are having another girl. Everyone was smiling, laughing, saying "I told you" or " I knew it" We're excited! Mason however knows we are having a girl and still hopes it's a boy! Poor guy.... Mike and I will just make sure he does alot more boy bonding things so he doesn't get consumed with pink and princesses.

After the unveiling we showed the's Ducati's corner
Then Mike opened presents.....Yeah!
We got tons of wipes, soaps, diapers, cotton swabs....the Essentials. That's great since that's all we registered for. But Grandma Sue knew we were having a girl since I accidentally slipped it out one day. I didn't think she heard me...But I was wrong. She brought Ducati some socks and an outfit. Thanks Grandma Sue. Good thing we waited to open presents or the cat would of been out of the bag. Oh well....

But after that it was time to say our good-byes to everyone. Which was OK since we were all partied out
Thank you everyone for coming and celebrating with us the soon arrival of our little girl, Ducati. (now to work on her nickname...Ali, Kati, Laney, etc. I don't know)
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