Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hailey's Preschool Party

Today Mike and I had double parties to help out with so I went with Hailey to her school. This morning Hailey and Lily both dressed in her costume. Hailey's teacher doesn't care if Lily tags along to Hailey's functions since her class size is so small. So Lily got dressed in her skeleton outfit. See the green marks on her face....she took a bite out of a marker...but it's OK it makes the costume more spooky.
And here's Hailey in her vampire girl costume.....she didn't like the plastic teeth so I just drew them on her face. When we got to her school she seen a girl dressed as Sleeping Beauty and Hailey said "I bite princesses." I couldn't help but laugh. The teacher played some great Halloween music like Ghost busters, spooky sounds, etc. All the kids just listened with their eyes wide open. They colored some ghost. Made a goody bag to collect their treats.Hailey is on the left with the pirate hat. Lily is on the right with the green glasses.They sang a pumpkin song and had a little parade. It was adorable to see Hailey. Mostly since every girl in her class was a princess. Hailey felt very happy knowing she was the only vampire their.
That's our little Bella....(P.S. she's so excited for the New Moon movie)
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