Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mason's Halloween Party

Mike went to Mason's Halloween party in the afternoon so he'll describe the party:

"Waiter, there's a head in my soup." is what the kids had to say before they started their race. They all decorated balloons to look like heads, which they had to balance on a plate as they ran from one side of the classroom to the other and back again. Mason did very well in this activity, candy was a big motivator, but I think it is for all of us.
This is Masons attempt at creating a skeleton cup cake, I think he did pretty good, I'd eat it.

Here's Mason trying to balance in his mouth a spoon full of candy corn , which was part of another relay race, which unfortunately his performance in was not quite as stellar. He was yelling at the other kid that he was racing, saying "don't go yet" so that Mason could catch up to him. It was good fun.

This is Mason in his costume. ............any guesses???????, you're way off, he's Indiana Jones.

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