Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

What's Halloween without pumpkin carving? We let each kid pick their prize pumpkin earlier this month and tonight we carved them up. We learned from last year to wait alittle so they don't get gross by the time Halloween comes.
Here's Hailey and her baby pumpkin. (from the pumpkin patch field trip) She loved that it was so easy to de-gut. She was done within like 5 minutes. So to pass the time until Mason and Lily caught up she drew on her pumpkin for a little bit.
Lily eating her pumpkin while I emptied it out. I swear she eats everything! On the bright side at least she's not a picky eater.Mason trying to empty his pumpkin. He got tired to spooning it out after about 30 minutes so I (mom) stepped in to help. There was tons of seeds everywhere from Mason pumpkin. Lily threw some on the floor (it clogged our vacuum for a minute) and Hailey cooked a soup for us. She tried to feed it to us....but only Lily was brave enough to try it. But here's our end product.... Hailey wanted a heart on her pumpkin. She's so girlie sometimes. But Mason wanted an alligator on his so he drew it and I carved it. Mike did Lily's pumpkin. We weren't sure what to put on there and when we asked her what she wanted she just did her cheesy bashful smile. So Mike just wrote her name on hers.
Here's how they look with the candle...

Just wait to see what we do with them after Halloween....
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