Friday, October 30, 2009

Best Voted

The kids and I walk home a few times a week from Mason's school and we walk by this house and we absolutely love it. Most people in our neighborhood only decorated with pumpkins or a flag...something small. But this house has kept the Halloween spirit so the kids and I decided to give them an award so show our appreciation.

Here's a few pics of the house.....

We put some candy in this spooky cat bowl and wrote this note...."Our family has voted and we think your house is the "Best Decorated" in the neighborhood. Thank you for keeping the Halloween spirit." And we put it on their doorstep and later when they open their door they'll see this great surprise. The kids loved doing this so we plan to do this again not just next Halloween but for Christmas too. So if you want "The Lassig Award" you better pull out all the stops.
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