Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mikes Bucket List

This weekend we went to Chicago.... Why? To erase something off of Mike's bucket list. (If you have no idea what a bucket list is....we suggest you rent the movie "Bucket List" It really makes you rethink life and what you want to accomplish in life. But the title of the movie tells it all....your life list before you kick the bucket)

Anyways here is some highlight photos from our trip:

Airport Candis....see how big Ducati's getting
Lily thinking of?....not sure what toddlers think of

Mike and Lily on the plane before we took off

The Sand Man touched Mike for a little bit

We were so happy to get off that plane!

Now...........We only stood from Saturday evening until Monday morning so we didn't see that much but Mike really wanted to see my hometown so we drove around and I showed him some top sights that people really need to see when they visit Chicago
The city lights from Lake's a gorgeous sight to see

Picasso...sorry my camera doesn't do too well at night....Santa needs to get me a new one ;-)
Yes....White Castle...these little burgers are sooooo goooooddddd!!!! There was some other places I wanted to take Mike but some were closed and some were in areas where I didn't think we would be safe to drive at night in a rent a car in. Mike's first bite into a white castle burger. He loved it!

And the most amazing spot we went to.....Buckingham Fountain. You might be wondering why this is such an amazing spot? This is where Mike proposed to me. I know...we're married....but my original proposal was over the phone and consisted of Mike saying "Hey let's get married". Angie saying "OK". Not very romantic so he did it over. So here's our new story. At 10:30pm Mike, Lily, and myself stood in front of this fountain. It was actually a lot cooler looking than my camera captured but it will do. Then after a few minutes of freezing our bums off in the cold we were going to leave. Mike gave me a hug and asked if I were ready? I thought he meant "Ready" to leave and get the show on the road. He then bent down on one knee and opened a little black box. And asked me if I would marry him....It was really sweet and romantic.....I couldn't stop smiling to give him an answer but after my lips unfroze and a took a breathe-I said "Yes!" There was people there who watched him do this all...I sneaked a peek and seen them smile, stopped taking pictures, and gave us some privacy. It was really awesome!!! Now I'm engaged to Mike to be married in the temple. We haven't set a date...probably later next year...but it doesn't matter.... I have a story!!!
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