Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Due Date

I went to the doctor today and all is well with Ducati. She's growing fine, has a great heartbeat, in the breech positions still but I was able to set the date of when we're having our c-section. December 11th. Sure it's 3 days before Hailey's birthday but our doctor assures me that I'll be out of the hospital if all is well by that Sunday the 13th. It's great to just look at a calendar and pick a date to have a baby....NO WAITING- I love it!!!

Pregnant Happenings: severe heartburn, kicks and head butts at the most random times, totally forgetful on everything unless I tell Mike or write it down, back pain every morning and night, still able to walk and exercise, sleepy all the time, no more cravings but then again I didn't have much of a craving stage. But getting very excited to be almost done.
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