Monday, October 31, 2011


This year's Halloween was really awesome.

We made homemade costumes which was hard on time but super nice on our checkbook.

Hailey wanted to be a Rose. When she told me this I was stuck on how will I make a Rose costume. But after much brainstorming this is what she and I came up with. And best thing about it- it cost $0. It's an old green dress of mine cut to her size with the leaves stemming up like a stem. And the headband is just some extra silk roses that I had around the house hot glued onto a headband. Hailey loved it!
 Ducati was Pebbles Flinstone. I know she's not a big dress up type so wearing a fancy costume would be out of the question. So Mike and I had plans on dressing up for Halloween as Fred and Wilma but we decided not to since we were unsure if he would even have the day off. But the costume of Pebbles would definitely be something she would wear. Blue leggings (she owned), green shirt ($2), black caveman spots ( fabric glued them from extra fabric) and this costumes isn't complete without a bone hair tie (our decor skeleton accidentally lost a leg) So complete cost for her costume $2! Not bad :-)
 Lily wanted to be Tinker Bell. Which was great since we already had this costume from last year. So I just had to sew a few rips and make the wings which are just coat hangers and white tights. Cost 33 cents!
 Mason wanted to be a rabbit. HA-HA- just joking. He wanted to be a dragon. I love how my kids are creative but I love slightly more the internet so I can finds ways to embrace my kid's creativity.

I found this design off of Family Mike made it within 2 hours on Saturday and Mason painted it. He got so many compliments from people while trick-or-treating. Cost -$0.
 So for 4 costumes it cost us $2.33! I think we'll be doing the homemade costumes more often.
My attempt of a Halloween kid photo. What was I thinking....they wanted to start trick or treating.
It was so fun to watch all our kids running from house to house.
Mason was so polite with his sisters. He would let them go first along with any other girls. Then after everyone was done he would take his turn. We're trying to teach him the difference between a man and a gentleman. It's been enlightening to know that the rare breed of gentlemen won't be extinct after all. We're just so pleased that he's applying those lessons and values.
 Lily was the first to knock on every door. She was too excited to wait for the rest of the family to catch up to her. Hailey was protective of Cati. She didn't want Cati to be overlooked from the candy giver. And Cati.....I never seen her little legs run so fast. When she connected the dots that each house had candy for her she was so excited. It touched our hearts so much to see her so excited.
But while walking in our neighborhood we seen the glowing lights from this pumpkin display from about 2 streets over. It was amazing!
 This man makes these himself. My first thoughts- he's got some serious talent and then after that he must not have small kids in the house.

 But this was really awesome to see. Each kid was in complete awe when they seen their favorite character in a pumpkin. Like Elmo, Harry Potter, Strawberry Shortcake, the 4 Princesses, and Mt. Monster Rushmore. He had so many pumpkins already on this display stage but when we were leaving we seen that he was coming out with some more pumpkins. A great way to share your talent with the neighborhood.
After about 90 minutes of trick or treating we came home, changed into PJ's, and the kids were able to eat as much candy as they could within 10 minutes. Cati ate about 10% while trick or treating  and after taking out the gluten candies she had a pretty small stash. But that's OK- she ate it all anyways. After their 10 minute binge, deep cleaning teeth brush, it was bedtime. Finally Mike and I were able to relax.....We may were in need of some quiet time after this day was over but we're so glad that our kids had a Happy Halloween.
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