Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We got Hailey's school pictures today. She's so adorable!

These past few weeks Mike and I have been amazed by her. We're seeing more of her personality shining through than ever before. She's becoming more confident in knowing her likes and dislikes.

Likes: -pink shirts ONLY
-skinny jeans ( <--- hard one for me to agree to buy)
-ballet shoes
-headbands ( a big step from a girl who never wanted to comb her hair)
-Polly pockets
-chapter books to practice her reading
-winning a game of Sorry
- finding a compromise on her own
-having her own friends

Dislikes:- sneakers
-shirts with pictures on them that might represent being a baby like bears or princess characters (I'm still getting a hang of this)
- cracked nail polish
- practicing her reading
- having her space invaded (working out the kinks to build her her own treasure lock box)

We are loving every minute that we see our Hailey change from our little girl into her own girl. (sigh* )
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