Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Finally everyone is healthy again! This brings a huge sigh of relief since it took 2 weeks for everyone to fight off that nasty flu. So for our first family activity we chose to go to the pumpkin patch.

Mason, Hailey, and Lily were excited to go. The entire van ride over to the field they shared their top secret tips on finding the best pumpkin EVER! But Ducati- she just looked at them like they were crazy. She had no idea what a pumpkin was. Humbling moment for me to remember to teach Cati her fruits and veggies. But when she got out of the van seen everything she just squealed in delight.

But after running around for a bit it was time for some pumpkin seeking.
As you can see we were so excited!

Hailey and Cati were nice enough to help pull the cart about 5 feet before they gave up and just wanted to search for their pumpkins and play in the field.

My boys on the other hand had a plan to look on the outer skirts of the patch since no one really walked out that way

And it worked- they both came back with gigantic pumpkins that I look forward to their mess when we crave them later this week.

Everyone else just enjoyed themselves. Lily wanted to find only baby pumpkins since she thought they were so cute!
 Cati wanted to find every pumpkin since she thought it was so awesome. She would walk up to any and all pumpkins in her sight and try to pick it up. If she couldn't do it on 1 lift she left go. If she could carry it she walked it over to the cart. If I recall correctly she had about 5-6 pumpkins in the cart just for herself.

But at the end of her picking adventure all Cati wanted was a baby pumpkin. She kept saying                "Baby Bump-kin today"

 Hailey and I found out pumpkins pretty quick....mostly so we can play around. She seen a boy from school so she talked with him for a minute.

(found a hay stalk and was pretending to be a witch)
We had so much fun. It was a nice start to this great fall season.

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