Wednesday, October 26, 2011

30 to 30

This year Mike is turning the big 3-0! So I've been planning this important day for some time for the past year!
 Starting October 24 to his birthday he will be getting 1 gift a day. So 30 gifts for his 30th.
 Here's the beginning of
30 to 30

 Day 1- a candy apple
Day 2- this Lions Hat
Day 3- which is today a coupon book for some special things like
(massage,1 hour nap, breakfast in bed, 2 hours to yourself anytime with NO KIDS!)... ( my personal favorite)

Yesterday he caught on to what I was doing for his birthday. Mostly since I couldn't contain myself and hinted until he caught on. He was so excited and thankful that I took the time to plan this out.  He promises he's going to practice patience and kindly wait for me to give him his gifts. But he admits that he is really excited for the next 27 days. And honestly me too! :-)

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