Saturday, October 29, 2011


Today we had our self a much needed family date. I love planning these types of dates. Mike and I are big kids trapped in responsible adult bodies.

 So no special date is official without an special was a last minute homemade invite but still very cool!
 Hailey says to me "Why did you give this to me? I can't read all of this." She's so funny.
With the theme of the "Enchanted" movie we first went to the park. In the movie Giselle and her friend, Robert, take a stroll in Central Park before she busts into song. So we headed to the most coolest park we know of.....

Everyone had so much fun. 

After an hour of playing we had a picnic dinner under the nearby pavilion. 

Lily: "Look Mom I'm Mickey Mouse"

Cati : "Choo-Choo" 

Anyways to stay on track with our "Enchanting" evening we left and headed home for part 2 of this date.

In the movie the evil Queen Narissa tries to put Giselle into a deathly sleep by giving her apples. Queen Narissa's servants tries to tempt Giselle with a caramel apple. So we made caramel apples...FONDUE-STYLE!
 Mike and I knew that no one would eat an entire caramel apple so we had caramel fondue. I am so glad we picked up this fondue set from DI for $1.75!

And after our dessert we watched the Enchanted movie.
Everyone was so excited to see Mike holding this movie..While the movie was playing we'd hear "We went to the park too" and "We ate caramel apples too."  This was such a fun family movie. I couldn't keep track how many time we laughed, danced, and said "AWWW!"  We love family dates!

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