Monday, October 17, 2011

Boys Night Out

2 men with 2 hours to spare in an empty parking lot...... I don't want to mention what Mike taught Mason but I do want to mention that Mason was so proud of himself and that he left feeling like he's becoming a man.

But on tonight's agenda was to see this movie.... Captain America! Both Mike and Mason really wanted to see this movie. So when I mentioned that this movie was playing at our local cheap-o theater they jumped on board for a late showing boys night.

In all seriousness Mason really enjoyed his time out with Mike. I know that with 4 ladies running this household Mason has grown alot of patience when it comes to Princess', the color pink, and lip gloss.  But it's important for him to learn how to act like a man and still be a gentle man to ladies. So thank you Captain America!....I mean Mike for seeing the importance of  manhood and family bonding. ♥
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