Saturday, October 1, 2011


Mike and I had the amazing opportunity to attend the afternoon session of Conference.
We've never been to conference before so we were both every excited. I will admit that I wasn't in touched as much as I would of wanted to be. I kept getting distracted with the cameras, the people in the chairs, the production crew, or thinking of Cati since she was at home sick, or watching the men of the 70 turning around so they could watch the Primary choir singing. So I had to keep reminding myself stay focused. So due to my mind slipping I only walked away with half my cup full but Mike..... He was totally focused, taking notes and shed a few tears since the spirit touched him so much. He felt so comfortable sitting there. He heard more from the speakers than I would of ever dreamed of. He was so in tune with the spirit that I was amazed/envious of it.

But I am grateful that Heavenly Father prompted our bishop to give us 2 tickets. I am thankful that our sitter gave up her weekend to watch our girls yesterday and today. I am thankful that Mike was feeling well enough to attend. Too bad I forgot to pray for myself to be in tune for this amazing experience.

But I still was able to walk away learning many lessons from the speakers. But I am excited to re-watch this session and focus more on what they are saying rather than what the cameraman is doing.

But alittle side note:

Since we've never been to Conference or even been downtown during Conference we never seen how many people were downtown during the sessions. There were so many people. However out of the thousands Mike and I were able to sit a few seats down from our stake president. That was really awesome!

But this site really got to me.
People were protesting US! They were yelling at us that we were going to hell. Some attached the Book of Mormon to a pitch fork or dressed up as Satan and said we'll join him later. I've heard stories of people who had such hatred for LDS people that they would picket them but that was over 150 years ago. So to walk down the street, right across from the Salt Lake Temple, where people were yelling that they hate us, that they hate me- just because I am LDS. It was in awe that this still happens.

Mike said to me that inside of destroying the Book of Mormon they should read it because then they would read that " he that haveth the spirit of contention is not of me but of the devil...." 
I know that Heavenly Father wouldn't want his children to feel and give hatred to one another. It was just a sad site to see.

Even though I know Satan was working his hand in order for us not to attend Conference we were able to end this spiritual dating weekend a few steps closer to Heavenly Father.
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