Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ride Together, Stay Together

Mike loves to ride his bike everywhere. To work, to the store (he will go even if all I need is a tomato or something small) and of course on all our dates. I admit when he first got his bike I loathed it (the bike not Mike)....but after a couple of months and a few dates on it I am really enjoying it. So today was the ultimate riders date. Mike and 2 brothers from our ward went on a ride to Alpine Loop (Orem through American Fork) And my lovely husband invited me to come along. He said the ride is so beautiful that I just have to see it.

We hired a babysitter and made the evening trip. The traffic was forgiving since we got to ride in the HOV lane. And Mike may not admit it but he got confused twice and exited wrong. But he was still able to find the right road and we (4) enjoyed the amazing sights and scenery.
(Here I am. You can't see it but I am smiling)

(But you can see that Mike is enjoying our ride)

When we started the ride it was 6pm and the temp was 89 degrees. Once we hit the inside of the canyon the temp went immediately down. I would guess in the low-mid 70's. I got cold but I was able to cuddle with my rider.
I thought this was so funny I wanted to share my laugh. Mike used this gel that claims to be wind restraint. I have used many hair care products that claim alot of things and never work. But Mike's hair did not move the entire 3 1/2 hours we rode. That's a product that is true to it's word.

The canyon was so remarkable. The air smelt so clean and crisp across our face. The trees and rivers looked like they have never been touched.  I held onto my love for 3 1/2 hours what could be better than that. Oh yeah.....
Riding off into the sunset with him.
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