Thursday, August 5, 2010


We purchased a membership to Tracy Aviary and with this comes some perks like free or discounts admissions to certain places to one place that is on the list is Ogden Dinosaur Park. So we had to go here ASAP. Today we packed up the kids and headed out. It was such a beautiful day to be outdoors. I took tons of photos but here's a few....

                                          Mason was so excited to be here
                                        Everywhere Lily turned she kept saying "Dino!"
 Hailey is by a maiasaura . They are the mother-like dinosaur. It's on a Diego movie we have.
Ducati's going solo.

                     This is my favorite Ducati quirk....she wiggles her toes when she gets excited

 This was the only time I seen Lily scared of something...this moving dino robot that were staged to look like they were fighting. I guess she's a lover not a fighter.

                                       this is my favorite photo of our little girl...she's such a big girl now

This was such a great day. The kids laughed, ran around and tired themselves out, Mike and I got to witness the excitement of a kids dream to meet a dinosaur.What more can I say than it was a great day.
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