Friday, August 20, 2010

County Fair

 A couple of women from our ward invited us to come along to the county fair. And of course we went....It was such an amazing event. Mike and I were as prepared as we would of liked to be....we wore all wore pants in 90 degree weather and I forgot the baby wipes) So we only stood for a couple of hours. But we were able to do alot in that short little while.

The kids went into the petting zoo and really enjoyed touching all the animals. Afterwards Mike and I kept hearing..."Can we please have a __(animal)____?" It was hard saying No but we stood firm and kept walking.
Next each kid received a pony ride, we watched SplashDogs, grabbed some carni-food, and Mason seen this. So he did it! If was so fun to watch him. He would tell the controller man to be careful. But Mason did pretty well.
But when we seen our girls hiding in the shade..... we knew it was time to go.
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