Monday, August 16, 2010


My parents took us all to Lagoon for a wonderful family outing. Our day was filled with laughs, snacks, giggles, naps, and a few tantrums But it was really heart breaking with Lily crying on her first 3 rides,

but after some cuddles she was all smiles on the next 3 rides,
Mason and Hailey had so much fun that I can't even put it into words how many they thanked us for bringing them here, ( I took some of the credit even though it was my mom who invited us to her employee appreciation day)
Ducati...besides sleeping some of the time she enjoyed the 3 rides she snuck onto without paying....
(train rail)
(Ferris wheel)
But what lead me to title this blog entry was after 2 years of not being able to go on any festival, carnival, or amusement park rides I was FINALLY able to ride on one (due to being pregnant all the time)
 Here's Mike and me on a roller coaster about the hit the top and ride down. He is trying to snap the photo before we fell. It was so much fun! I laughed the whole 60 seconds we were on the ride.I felt like a kid again.
I surely enjoyed sitting next to my hubby on these stomach turning rides. But after 9 hours Mike and I were exhausted so we called it a day. But of course the kids wanted to stay longer. Oh to be young again...
Lily, Mike, Ducati, Hailey, My mom-Felicia, and Mason. My dad went to get their car and someone had to take the photo ;-)
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