Saturday, August 14, 2010

East Canyon

Today we met family and friends at East Canon Reservoir to celebrate Aunt Daina's birthday.  It was suppose to be a surprise party but I'm not sure it was much of a surprise since most people showed up late to the meet-spot. But it was a great day of splashing around in the cool water,
                                                                                 Hailey planning to squirt me

                  Hailey running into the water to wash off her mud scrub...can't tell her no. Ladies pay $$$ for this
                                                                            Cousins playing together
                                                             Grandma Sue taking her great pictures
Lily being so cute
everyone except Me did some water favorite water run that went by me was when Mike, Steven and Julia where in the Sea-Doo and I could hear Julia's screams from the shore. But the amazing thing was all the kids where in the boat sitting and seemed pretty calm.

                                                                                 See everyone's smiles
                              Mason and Hailey were so excited to be on a boat. This was their first time on one.
My hubby, Mike, look how awesome he looks. Except for the horrible sunburn that followed him
Hailey was loving this
ate some great food.......don't judge us...Ducati's eaten worse stuff.

laugh with our loved ones.....

Remember Lily eating sand in CA....Deja Vu'
Aaron and Sarah...they have such great smiles
Lily being cute again
And not sure what this is....Mason, Aaron, and Lily where making this....rock wall. When a wave would come to shore I could hear Aaron tell Mason "We need more pebbles and mud!" I was so funny to watch and listen to those bunch of kids.

But it's not a party unless someone ends up in the ER....

It's sad to say that Grandma Sue fell down the trail and sprained her ankle pretty bad. So Mike and I took her to the ER in Park City. But she's such a strong woman that she didn't complain once while at Daina's party.

But it was a fun and wonderful day to spend time with family and celebrate Daina's old age. Ha Ha
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