Friday, August 27, 2010

My cup runneth over

We  attend church every Sunday. Although on some Sundays we make it in our seats by the time the opening prayer starts we are happy to say we do make it to church. Mike and I plan our family home evenings every week and take advantage of every missionary moments that we can see to teach our children. But I admit I wonder how much of what we teach our children really sinks in. But today I felt my heart fill with joy and the spirit testify to me that I am on the right track.

Mason, who should know better, stole Hailey's snack pack pudding. Hailey who is only 4 years old but moments like this I tend to believe she has an older spirit that her tender years show. Of course I sent Mason to his room. I needed a moment to think and figure out how to approach this situation. What to say to him? Discipline or lecture? Then my prayers were answered. Hailey said to me “Mason’s brain (this is how we explained to her that Mason’s brain has something different called Autism) told him to steal my food because he is hungry. So that’s what Mason did.” At that moment I realized she was teaching me. She was reminding me to be more Christ like. I asked Hailey what she felt she wanted to do. She grabbed a snack pack pudding cup from the counter and walked to Mason’s room and told him “I forgive you.”

I watched from the sidelines as Hailey and Mason started to talk about the act of stealing. Mason apologized again, Hailey forgave, Mason said thank you and began to eat his snack. Hailey walked away with a smile on her face and I walked away with my heart and spirit feeling very humble and appreciative to have seen such a wonderful example of forgiveness.
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