Friday, August 27, 2010


Have you met our Ducati? She has been crawling now for about a month. It's so adorable to see her little legs scrabble by my feet. And she hates to wear clothes on hot summer days. I don't blame her.

However sometimes she falls victim to a hit and run....
Did you know that she is a quiet girl? She doesn't say much but she is very observant.

Did you know she loves to play outside? Her favorite things are to eat grass, play with chalk and try to touch bugs.

Did you know that when she gets so excited she will flap her arms in front of her?

Did you know that when she smiles her nose wrinkles up like this? It makes our hearts melt.

Did you know that she loves belly raspberries, eating ice cream, and cuddles? Did you know she loves it when you suck her thumb? But did you know that she will continue to grow and someday these won't be her favorite I am sure going to enjoy them right now.
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