Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No-TV diet

Mike and I have started a new diet. Usually when someone diets it is based on bettering their bodies. So someone might cut out sugar, carbs or chocolate (crazies!) But our diet is based on another bettering idea. I read an article few weeks ago that an average child will watch 22 to 28 hours of TV a week! Between kids shows, movies, video games, and even adult shows. I know my kids will watch " Bones" with me. So I did the math and realized that if this same kid kept the same habit for 10 years that kid would have watched 13,000 hours of TV. Which is around 1 and 1/2 years in front of the TV. This shocked me at first but then I blew it off. Thinking that my kids don't fall into this category like this kid in the report. But then I had my light bulb moment. Mason says to me "It's 6pm-that means it's Simpson time" I don't think Mike and I unplugged the TV and haven't touched it since. I thought we were headed down hard times with the kids withdrawal but it turns out it was more me. I used the TV as a distraction so I can get 30 minutes of "Quiet time" Shame on me! But after adjusting a few things in my schedule and with myself we have not watched TV in almost a week


We put this time to better use like making a worm farm, writing snail mail letter to loved ones, playing outside for hours on end, making a doctor bag (and giving shots every few minutes...OUCH!) or roasting marshmallows on our deck at 10pm at night. It's been an adjustment but it has it's benefits.
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