Saturday, December 26, 2009

Schiebe's Annual xmas party

For the past 3 years now my friend, Sarah, and her family have a Christmas Dinner/Party. I look forward to it every year.
Sorry... I caught her while she was blinking...but Ducati looked so cute and cuddly laying in her arms.
All our kids played their little hearts out, Mike and I talked with her and her hubby about...@#$%...everything. She made a very delicious dinner that the kids just skipped. They were too busy playing with her son. But after we all enjoyed the yummy food we did our gift exchange.
Here's Mike's camera skills....
He got a photo of me nursing...
We must of been going too slow passing the gifts out. Lily started to lend a helping hand

then she got bashful when she got busted.... She's so adorable when she knows she caught red handed

Now the kids had new toys to play with so they played some more... that's OK. When we drove home they were all out like a light.

But before we left this is Lily's newest trick (not sure what to call it) She likes to steal Ducati's pacifier, suck on it, then give it back. So we found some of Lily's old pacifiers so when she's feeling like a theft she can steal back her things. Oh the cleverness of us...

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