Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hospital Stay

We are so thankful that Ducati was born just perfect....10 toes, 10 fingers, black hair, dark eyes (not sure on the color yet) but no repeat with blood sugars and NICU so we got to enjoy her every minute we wanted....

I admit the first night she stayed in the I said we didn't get any sleep so one night won't hurt. But after that she was stuck on our side.

Mike brought his bear when we were pregnant the first time but said he would only give it to Ducati. And since our first was a Lily he tucked this bear away until today. I got teary eye when he gave her his bear. He said he's been waiting to meet his Ducati for a while now.

Anyways..the hospital gave us a Candle Light meal for the two of wasn't that bad

We had a few visitors...
Aunt Daina

and Uncle Aaron couldn't help but come up Friday night to meet herthen on Saturday Grandma Sue came to meet her new grand-daughter. But she brought Mike and I the best present ever....LILY! We missed her so much that we actually cried for her the night prior. Don't say anything...we love our kids so much. Anyways after giving Ducati a look over she gave her approval.They bonded together by napping.Those Lassig girls'.... :-)

Saturday night Lily stood the night with Mike and I at the hospital. It wasn't like she was going to let us out of her sight after leaving her.

On Sunday morning I left the hospital and we all came home. Mike picked up Mason and Hailey later in the evening (custody thing) and Mason was really excited when he seen Ducati. He had the biggest smile on his face. Hailey was asleep by the time she came home but the next morning (Monday) when she came into our room she seen Ducati's little toes and she had the look of seeing 1,000 presents on her face. She was so excited and happy. She held her for a few minutes and kept saying "Cucati (she can't say the D) is so beautiful".

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