Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma Sue

We all went to Daina and Aaron's new house for Grandma Sue's birthday party. Their house is so's nice, huge, and very colorful. But that's besides the point.... It was nice to see the family again.

We all chatted about our broken computer (but now we got a new one), ate some yummy tacos, and passed around Ducati.... :-)but we had to holt the fun for PRESENTS!!!!

Mike and I and our kitties gave Grandma Sue a photo box with all the grand kids pictures in it. We seen it and it looked really nice and we were glad she liked it.Then came her big gift from the rest of the family- Mike loves this expression......She got a bird. She couldn't stop smiling.... Those two love birdsAfter everyone got a chance to meet her bird we headed to the kitchen....Daina and Aaron made this delicious cup-CAKE. Great job guys!

After cake everyone went to play Dance Dance Revolution. Mike and I aren't big game dancers so we chatted with Aaron while Lily tried to free the birdie.But it was a fun Saturday afternoon....Happy Birthday Grandma Sue
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