Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pre-Birthday Present

With Ducati coming right in the middle of everything and due to the state's silly visitation schedule Mike and I are putting a rush on a few things. So we gave Hailey her birthday present a little early so she can enjoy it before it started snowing and before she left for a week.

That's right....she got a custom made Power Wheels. We've had this car for several months now. Remember we buy presents early...anyways Mike's been storing it in the garage. I wish I had a before photo of the car. It was dirty, had a bad paint job, the stickers were peeling off so Mike and his man-ness redid the entire thing. This was his project for 2 weeks. And it paid off....Hailey LOVES her car. Custom paint job with hearts on her seats and hood of the car. She even has some nice shiny rims.

But the photo op didn't last long. She jumped right in and started cruising around the neighborhood.She needed a little help getting started. But soon got the hang of it and away she went...She would of stood outside until the battery died but me being a over protective mother had to drag her inside before she caught another cold.
But we're glad she liked her gift. Now wait until her real birthday....there's going to be much smaller gifts there.
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