Friday, December 25, 2009


Lily was the first one up. When she seen all the presents her response was a huge gasp. It was adorable. She ran over to the tree and started sorting all the gifts.But Dad could of slept in a little longer... (too bad) But Lily was too she opened her presents early. Mason and Hailey weren't home until later in the evening. So here's Lily's and Ducati's photo gallery....

Didn't like:
the clothes....what kid likes clothes?

this rocking giraffee
or getting a shiner from hitting the toilet

musical fish tank and some tower building blocks

a baby doll and a new chair

Ducati liked everything...she didn't complain once.Every one of my girls now has a cabbage patch kid. It's something from my childhood. (See the doll even matches the girl. )

Next was Mike....we went smaller on each other since we're saving for a big toy later next year.

He got some new Lugz, slippers, this airplane thing, Igor and Transformers movies and a new jacket.

I got a new camera!!

I'm still learning to use it. Along with 2 new purses and the "New Moon" game. After this we chilled and watched some movies til it was time to get the kids.

Then it was time... Hailey got everything she wanted. She even liked the new clothes she got.

Mason....He got a Lego set, some cars and trucks, clothes, a robe, books, a telescope but this was the most awesome gift. It's Santa's gift.And the big guy gave Mason.....COAL!!!! ha-ha... We warned Mason that boys that act naughty towards their parents and sisters don't make it on Santa's nice list...he didn't believe us but I hope he takes this as a warning so next year he can get back on Santa's nice side.

But after the gift exchange and hanging out for a little bit Mike had to work so that's the end of our Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!!

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