Sunday, December 6, 2009

Elders Blitz

This morning Mike went to a Elders vs. Young Mens Football game. In the SNOW!!! Crazy guys.... And Lily and I were his personal cheerleaders. We were actually the only cheerleaders at the park.
Since I have no clue how football works other than you run to the end zone Lily and I really didn't know when to cheer. But it was adorable whenever Mike fell she would do her "Ha Ha" laugh. And at one point someone did something to another player and Lily just started pointing her little finger and telling them off in her baby babble.

But soon she got bored so we played in the snow.
And that made her happy.But her tummy started to grumble to she and I walked home and I made her a bottle. But soon after this the game ended. But Mike made a touch down, sad I missed that :-(, but his team won!!

After the game there was a BBQ where Mike got himself a victory hot dog but since it was still snowing like crazy he was home pretty fast after he finished. But go Team Blue/Elders!!!

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