Sunday, December 20, 2009


With having a baby and the rush at the stores Mike and I were feeling very Scrooge-like.
We didn't want to do anything besides stay home.
So to get out of the funk we first went to Temple Square.
How can you not feel closer to Christ?

The kids enjoyed it.Everyone got to take a picture at there favorite colored tree.
Orange fans....
Red fans....(no I'm not pregnant. I'm carrying Ducati in a moby)Mason didn't want to take a photo. But after looking at the lights for a while the crowd started to freak Mike and I out. With 4 little ones and hundreds of people we were scared to lose one so we headed out. But not after getting some Hot Chocolate and cookies at a vendor. Delicious!!! It was a fun night.

Fun story: Hailey had to go to the restroom so Mike took her into a building. Lily, Mason, and I waited outside since we had our drinks. While Mike waited for Hailey to be done Lily seen him in the lobby. Lily started yelling "Hey!" and banging on the window. It was so funny to watch.

But to make a long story short Mike and I did some service, visited some friends and family and seen a movie. (The Blind Side) After all this we felt much better. It felt more like Christ-mas then Christmas.

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