Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Lily

Our little baby girl turned 1 today. (sniff) But on the plus side Mike and I made it a fun and memorable first birthday.
With Mike's birthday the day before everyone was all partied out so we ended up sleeping in a little. But when Lily woke up....everyone needed to wake up. Mason, Hailey and I waited in the living area while Mike brought out the birthday girl.
She was all smiles when she seen her birthday party. We started the morning off with Lily's favorite breakfast....

Played with some of the decorations....
And she opened presents (she didn't understand riping the paper so Mason and Hailey opened their gifts for her).... She got a new leather jacket, a Wiggle drum, a fisher price xylophone, a glitter baton from Haileyand a Simba Lion from Mason that kind of freaked her out when it talked to her. But after we shut it off she was ok hugging it.
Then we all got ready for our outings. First stop was McDonald's. I know....this family loves food! But seeing that Lily has never had a happy meal all to herself we felt this would be a great beginning. She really liked holding the bag.
Next we went to the zoo. Sure it was cold outside and some of the animal exhibits were closed but this a long time tradition. When Mason and Hailey each turned 1 I took them to the zoo so we continued the tradition. Here's some zoo highlights... there's a wolf in the background that we never seen at the zoo
After the zoo we still had 1 more thing to do before heading home.....we went sledding. It snowed the night before and it was too tempting to not take advantage of the fresh snow. We're at Sugarhouse Park. It was close to the zoo.
Lily wasn't a big fan of going down the hill. But she loved eating the snow.
Sorry I wasn't able to get any photos of Mason except the back of his head. He was just everwhere going a mile a minute. But despite the cold Lily really enjoyed being outside. (She's just like Mike.)

But since I couldn't go up and down the hill I got cold quick so after about 30-40 minutes we left. But everyone seemed not to mind. So we headed home and I made Lily's favorite meal. Can you guess what we ate?
Then it came time for CAKE!!!! I made this chocolate Lion cake since we were playing to go to the zoo. And since our little angel loves to growl at people... it seemed to fit.
Yeah, I know... 2 tier cake for a 1 year old but we have a lot of frosting to go through before it all goes bad. So why not? After we sang Happy Birthday to her...Mike cut the cake. But I guess she didn't want this little piece since she took matters into her own hands. She started out with little pokes on the side of the cake and when she noticed that she wasn't getting in trouble she just climbed onto the table and was taking fistfuls of the cake and frosting. Then dad followed her lead.... Oh's her cake. She can do whatever she wants to it.
But afterwards it was time to get Lily ready for bed. But of course she wanted to play with her siblings a little before bed.

This was one great birthday for one great girl. Happy Birthday Lily!!

(PS thank you Grandma Sue for the toy and Aunt Julia and Uncle Steve for the outfit. She wore it to church already)

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