Tuesday, March 29, 2016


My days have changed up since I no longer need to think about work. So now all that brain space I was preoccupying with work schedules and work stuff is now being used on how to improve our homeschooling experience.

First change up is more games. Learning needs to be fun. If it's not fun (at least for the younger ones) they are not going to want to learn. So thanks to some homeschool families recommendations I ordered this game- Scramble States

The story is about how states wanted to move to a different part of the US and after giving it a try they wanted to go back where they originally were. So the game ask players to find the states who have wildflowers at their state flowers. Or which states are west of Missouri. Not really based on the story but it's really fun.

They play this game almost once a day. Sometimes more than once. They tell me all the time how fun it is. Me- I love how it's educational. They have been learning geography, state flowers, capitals, state nick names, and team work. 

With weather permitting we've been taking walks or rides to the duck park near us. Some days I've noticed that we just need a change of scenery or everyone gets on eachothers nerves. So first thing in the morning we go for our walk/ride. Days when it's raining or snowing I can tell the difference in peoples attitudes so I try my best to keep things low key that day. 

We've had more time for art. I love art! I love everything about it. So it's my goal to teach my kids to develop their art skills or at least to appreciate the work of other artist. So there's so much more projects and pictures hanging up around our house. Here's Ducati with fairy picture. I admit for some time I thought she traced pictures out of books but then while I was helping a bigger kid on the couch I looked over and seen Ducati drawing the fairy free hand. I was so happy with her and her patience. I had to capture this moment forever so she's showing me her drawing and the fairy she was drawing. 

And our newest game is Hedbanz Act Up!
This is so much fun and no one even suspects me that the reason why I purchased this was for the reading. HAHAHA! Each person has a headband on their head with a card which they can't see. The other players act out what the card says and if the person guesses right they are one step closer to winning. It's been so much fun and I've noticed Lily and Ducati improve their reading.

It's been so much fun seeing the love of learning grow and glow in each one of my kids. Homeschooling them has it's moments of difficulty but it's so worth it.
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