Monday, March 21, 2016

Crystal Hot Springs

We should have tried harder to attend the temple dedication....
But when Mike wakes up cheering,"let's go swimming", choices get hard to make. 

The weather outside was still a little chilly but that doesn't stop us. Haha! 
We went to Crystal Hot Springs in Honeyville, Utah. 
A place with several hot spring heated pools and of course our kids only wanted to play in the cold water pool. 


Mike didn't think he'd get sunburned in a semi cloudy day. I told him better :)

Anyways our kids must have played for 2 hours straight. Mike and I were hungry so I stepped out to the pools parking lot where there was fire wood burned pizzas place. 

Mike commented to me that we should have brought food to the pool. 
I'm sorry; I read reviews and the sites said to not bring outside food. But as we walked around the pool area people were bringing in coolers and bags of food. My bad! Next time we'll stop at Target since each pizza cost $10! But honestly the pizzas were worth it! Freshly made with fresh ingredients, hand tossed crust, and the wood fire taste. I'll pay $10 for another one! 

But soon afterwards we left the hot springs. The crowds are ridiculous! Like one pool was elbow to elbow filled with people. Why stand in a pool? 

Plus I'm not a fan of pools. One of my kids always gets too close to drowning that I'm just on constant red alert that I can never calm down. 

But it was nice up get out and experience a new part of Utah. 

Ps. If anyone is reading this be warned! The crowds are horrible. Like adults are playing football right next to babies in floaties tubes. Couples are making out right next to kids! I had mike cannonball right next to then to help cool them down. And the women's locker room is tiny. Toilets, showers, changing stalls, sink, 4 shelves so there's stuff everywhere. And ladies are just walking around naked from the showers to the hanging stalls. Really! I had checked before I let my kids enter and then I had them change in the corner. 

So we can say we've been here but we'll never go back. 
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