Saturday, March 5, 2016

8 Year Anniversary

8 years to be married to this man. I do not lie when I have been happy with my choice 97% of the time. There's times when he just bugs me but whatever. I know I bug him too! Shh! I lose everything so I know I bug him too.

Anyways to reflect on these 8 years has been great. We both said it doesn't feel like 8 years. It feel longer and at the same time shorter. :) It doesn't make sense but that's ok. It makes sense to us ♥

Mike worked on our actual anniversary and he made plan to go to the temple with this teammates. Which at first bugged me (haha) but then I realized I was being selfish. He loves the Lord and devotes his life to showing him. So how can I be made for that? So I got over it really fast.

So to celebrate our anniversary we actually went out 4 times!
Ha! We love to celebrate!

1st. We went to the Salt Lake Temple and Cedar of Lebanon Restaurant.

2nd. On,Wednesday, his day off, we went to the Ogden Temple and got lunch at Arby's and McDonald's. He knows I love Arby's Reuben sandwiches. And I know he loves McDonald's shamrock shakes. (March is his favorite month of the year for these 2 reasons. Anniversary and Shamrock shakes)

3rd. The following night we went to The Roof that's at Temple Square. It was impromptu but that's ok. That the best sort of dates. We've both assisted in cleaning this restaurant but never been guest so this would be the perfect addition to our celebrations. So we put on our nice clothes and combed our hair and went out on a nice dinner date. :)

When I made the reservation on-line it asks if this was our first time and if there was an occasion. I said it was our anniversary. So this little card was added to our table. It's for sure a nice touch.

Since we've never been to this restaurant I had no idea how things worked. All I knew was that it was $42 a person to dine there. So I asked a friend about it and she reassured me that it's a buffet like Chuck-A-Rama but just was fancier, nicer, and more expensive. Thankfully we had fasted during the day since we needed God's guidance.

When we were seated I was confused on a few things. Why so many forks? Thankfully Mike is more sophisticated and he explained everything to me. Cloth napkins go on lap, then chair, then plate when I'm done. Making an "X" with utensils. Not to re-use utensils. He was making me a real fancy lady.

Anyways the dinner there was divine. All those expensive things I'd never order or cook were all displayed for our pleasure. Yummy! Mike took a picture of me experiencing Creme Brulee for the first time.
Yes it was an amazing experience. !

The view for me was amazing. The 2 things God gave me. Mike and the Temple. 

The waitress was nice enough to take our photo. She better have taken our photo. Mike taught me the art of expressive tipping. I just can't do it!

After we dined we had to talk it off a little before we drove him. So we walked Temple Square.

And to our surprise we came across the Mormon Tabernacle Choir practice session. So we sat and listened to their amazing singing. I was giddy to be so close to famous Mack Wilberg. I get excited seeing him with is choir. He's so passionate on how things need to sound. Even the slightest note dissatisfaction will cause him to stop everyone to correct it. It's wonderful!

As we walked around the empty visitors centers we went up to see the huge Christus we seen our reflections in the windows. As first we took this photo since I thought it was humorous.

But after looking at it again I realized it's not funny anymore. It's more realistic. Mike and I are married because Jesus Christ is holding, helping, and guiding us. It's not been an easy road. But it's a road we have loved being on since we know we're not doing it alone. During our 8 years we've seen relationships begin and end. We've seen families change. We've seen couples try to hide their hurt but just can't make it. So I'm very thankful to have Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Mother/Father helping us reach eternity.

But back to my list of celebrations.....

Our 4th date was pizza and Redbox! Mike got home from work yesterday at 7pm. And he had to work the next morning at 3am so we enjoyed a quiet night eating some sausage pizza and watching The Intern. Then we fell asleep at 9:45. Proof we're growing old with eachother.

Happy Anniversary Us ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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