Monday, March 14, 2016

Devil's Slide

On Sunday morning I was super sleepy that I could not wake up even if my house was on fire. So Mike being the gem he is took our girls on a hike. ( Mason was home sick so he was asleep too)

So my darling husband is not one to hike tiny hills and walk the paved trails. He's the one who seeks adventure so that's what he did with our 3 girls.

He took them up Devils Slide in Morgan, Utah.

I did not know this was something to be hiked but then I put on my reasoning cap and remembered my darling husband will hike anything his legs can touch.

So my girls braved up and hiked the steep trail that is only 40 feet wide.

When they got to the top they were very excited and happy they made it.

When everyone got home they were so excited to tell me how scared they were but also how brave they were. Each daughter showed me her "adventure" ouchie. And then I looked at my husband with love and affection and he tells me,

"If you want me to have a voice of reason, you can't sleep in."

So my daughters and husband hiked a trail that

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