Monday, March 21, 2016

Utah Children's Theatre

Lily and I went on a Mommy Daughter Date last night. It has been nice to be able to go on dates again with my kids. I have 3 more dates lined up which I'm really excited to go on.

However for Lily and I went to the Uth Childten's Theatre in Salt Lake City. I seen some tickets on KSL that were for their last weekend of the show World War 2. I was skeptical going to a play about WW2 but since it's at UCT I figured it would be kid appropriate. 

When we got there we noticed the soda shop next door. So we went in to enjoy an old fashion soda. The ladies were dresses with 50's style hair and pearl necklaces which Lily thought was so cool. Lily ordered herself a Cherry Blossom soda. I ordered a Shirley Temple soda. And Lily was soon eyeing the crazy expensive pastries. $2.50 for 1 macaroon! I spent close to the same amount for our two tickets. Next time I'll be skipping the soda shoppe. 
Since we were at the theater early we got to play around for a little bit. 

Lily told me how the set reminded her of Captain America. :)

Anyways the play was amazing.

The 3 actors portrayed different heros who played important roles in helping claim victory during WW2. Roles as small as dancing the jitter bug in a fall out shelter to keep keep morale high to the service who faught to Rosie Rivot to President Roosevelt to Anne Frank. 

Lily whispered in my ear who she knew about Anne since I've read book to her about Anne. (It's sinking in!) 
After the show we went back to the soda shoppe... I'm a sucker.... and got another Shirley Temple. After a few sips from her Cherry Blosom she couldn't drink it anymore. So I took a sip and it tastes like soap. Yuck! 
But Lily tells me that she had so much fun. That she learned about WW2 but she had more fun being with me. :) (heart melting moment) And she asked to go to meet plays with me. 
I'm happy to have spent some 1-on-1 time with the girl. She's my gem.

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