Monday, March 21, 2016

Movie Grille

We went to see Star Wars Force Awakens..... Again!  Mike and I sneaked off one evening and seen it on date night. But we never had the heart to tell Lily and Cati since they wanted to see it with us. So we just never said anything and went to Movie Grille
We've never been there but since there was a Groupon-What the hay!

This theatre is amazing! Soft recliner seating with attached tables on each seat. A menu with yummy food instead of junk. So we indulged and got ourself dinner :) 
Our girls loved the movie! After the movie Lily tells us that she knew she'd be a Jedi one day. 

Anyways before we left Mike wanted to check out the pool table. Back in his day Daddy had game!
Our girls drew pretty flowers on the huge chalk wall. 

But soon our girls wanted to learn Dads hobby so he taught them. 

(Lily being a Jedi)

It was a pleasant evening to a very busy week. 
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