Friday, February 26, 2016

I Stand All Amazed


I Stand All Amazed.

This song has been one of my favorites for many years. I had this song sung at my baptism. I've sang this song to my kids. I've listened to this song on repeat when I would work. So it's not uncommon I start singing this song randomly while folding laundry, driving, etc. But today this song is being sung with my deep appreciation of gratitude.

On Tuesday I went to get a new set of x-rays then went to see my favorite doctor, Dr. Bryson Smith, at Utah Spine Care.  After looking at my X-rays he seen that my back was healed. All those cracks and breaks were back in the right places. I'm not sure what else he said since I was giving thanks in my head to Heavenly Father. But the point was all things are healed. My spine is a little curved from having to use certain muscles more than others so I have to do some exercises to gain my strength back. But my doc said that yoga and some core exercises would be great. But that I'm good to get rid of this brace and head back to work in a few weeks.

I'm so happy, overjoyed, excited, but above all thankful. I was expected to be in this brace another month or longer. But to be healed 4-6 weeks earlier. It's amazing! And I know that it has nothing to do with modern medicine. I healed faster than ever from one thing- PRAYER!

 Our family. Our ward. Our friends. Friends of friends. Co-workers. Neighbors. Just about everybody we know kept me in their prayers for these past 2 months and all I can say to them is, "Thank You!"

When I was done with my doctors appointment I screamed with joy when  I got to our car. Mike smiles at me and cracked a joke, "I'm so glad I don't have to drive you anymore."

Mike had some things to do at work so he was just going to drop me off back at home. But after hearing news like this I asked him to come inside so we, as a family, could drop to our knees and give thanks. He might have been annoyed that he had to shut off the car but giving the Lord those extra few minutes were completely worth it to him so he willingly and joyfully came inside and kneelt with us.

The rest of that day I couldn't believe it. I can drive again. My kids and I could hug without me feeling like a robot. I could cuddle my husband without that huge piece of plastic between us. I can bend. I was on the road of being me again.

The next day while my kids were in school I went to the Ogden Temple. I couldn't think of any better place to personally thank God than to go visit him and tell him personally.
Seriously I was healed!  I've prayed for many miracles in my life. Most of the time the answer was "no''. Some of the times I had to wait a really long time to get an answer. So long that I forgot what I asked for. But this trial; I prayed so many times for a fast recovery that I know exactly what happened when my doctor told me I was healed.

While I was walking up to enter the temple the story of Christ healing the 10 lepers came to mind.  All 10 were so excited that Christ healed them but only 1 came back to thank him personally. I'm sure the other 9 went on to tell others how Christ healed him but I wanted to be that 1 who came to him to thank him personally. I stood there looking at this temple of God thinking how amazed I was that the Lord would do this for me. He surely could have had me stay in that brace for another month or so. And I wouldn't be totally fine with it. But he granted me something so wonderful because he loves me and seen something in me. Seen something in me that showed him I learned and loved this lesson.

Anyways... now onto the next part of my life. This road to strength will be hard. Mostly since I'm a big wussy and I haven't use my muscles in about 2 months. But that doesn't bother me. God will be with me. So I can do hard things.
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