Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Daily Life

This afternoon I mentioned to Mike how I haven't blogged in weeks.

He asked why?

I answered, "Because all our family has been doing is working and couponing."

And he said something that made me think the rest of the afternoon

"Really? That's all..."

And it made me think... what have we been doing for the last 2 weeks.

Lily. She was accepted to an on-line charter preschool that is lead by some professors who have made their curriculum more based on science researched facts than core curriculum  So basically she was tested for entry then based on her tests results they will mold her classes around her. And just a fun fact she tested at above average for children her age. So she's really excited to start that this fall. 

Ducati. Her personality is growing so much that it's finally shining through. She loves to dress herself now a days. Her favorite items to wear are her wellies (rain boots), tutu, shirt, crown (headband), and 80% of the time she'll "borrow" some jewelry from me. It's such a joy seeing my little girl grow right before my eyes. 

Hailey. With the nice weather she's been practicing alot more all the things she's been learning at her tumbling class. Yesterday she landed 3 running cartwheels in a row. She was so proud of herself! She's really stepped up her determination in wanting to improve her skills.
Mason. You know when I said Mike and I are aware that he'll have some bumps in the road on his journey to manhood. Well he's come to a point in his journey where he's making more bumps himself than need be. So here he is doing Hailey's chore of cleaning the bathroom. He's not happy with it but then again- what kind of mother would I be if I only did things that he liked. This was a great teaching moment that misbehavior is not going to be tolerated. 

Mike. He's exhausted. He has a new calling (as well as do I) but I'll post about that later on. He's still working the 2 full time jobs. The burden is still there but it's just easier to bear now. Thankfully Mike now has a Bluetooth so this gives us more time to chat. We still read scriptures, do our check-in's, and talk about our family all over the phone now. So that's really been a blessing for us. 

And me. :-) I've been inspired again to pick up my Extreme couponing. So I've been putting more focus on that again. It's hard to be EXTREME all the time  but when I save 70% on our grocery bill I sort of have to keep it up. So this week I picked up some major awesome deals that helped me bring home $350 worth of stuff for around $50. It's funny I "hinted" to Mike that for Mother's Day I want a bigger coupon binder. :-)

So in all fairness. We have been doing alot this past week. So I guess one never really notices what they accomplish until they can take a breathe and look back at their progress. 

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