Saturday, May 25, 2013

Get away

Our lives have been set on routine for some time now.

work. kids. homework. laundry. callings. laundry. dishes. work.

So routine that we were going crazy. So Mike had the weekend off so we booked a trip for Park City on one of those deal sites and loaded our kids up for a fun weekend get away.

We started our trip off going to see the movie Epic.

 We were going to go to an later afternoon showing but once Saturday morning came along everyone wanted to get on our way and get out of our house. So we went to the first morning showing.

Next stopped for some lunch at Burger King. :-)

Afterwards to ensure a smooth ride we went to a nearby park so everyone could get the last of their  morning energy out.

 Mason might tell you he's too old for playgrounds but don't let him fool you. :-)

Mike teaching Lily how to do the pole slide.

Hailey showing us her mad slide skills.

I think the park trip worked. :-) Lily and Ducati were fast asleep within minutes of driving.
 They are so cute when they sleep.

 But we finally arrived at our weekend condo. Lily and Cati went straight for the balcony
 and started stripping the leaves off this tree. (*sigh) We're on vacation so we're more flexible with our rules. :-)
 Hailey, Mike, and Mason relaxing after a long drive.  Super comfortable couches.
  Ducati enjoying a little snack.
 She found some birthday candles so she made a birthday banana. And no birthday banana is complete without blowing out invisible flames.

Here's the girls inspecting bounce potential in the kids room. This bed passed!
 And this bed passed! Thank goodness or they would have slept on the hide-a-bed. :-)
 Hailey's so cute! She just loved it here!

But while on vacation we had some fun adventures:

Mason learned to rock climb.

Not really! :-) j/k  climbing these rocks was a nice short cut to our room.
 Cati showing me her hiking outfit. Elmo shoes, headband, and toy flute. What else could a girl need? :-)

Anyways we went hiking on this beautiful trail right by the Olympic park. Absolutely beautiful! 
 Our girls just loved all the wildflowers. As you see we just had to pick a few.

But the coolest discovery for us was finding sea shells. When our kids asked us how sea shells can get on top of a mountain we thought about all the science answers we've heard. But we stuck with the most simplest and accurate answer we knew.... Noah!

So we went on a sea shell scavenger hunt. We ended up finding about 100 shells. That's so cool!

 Mason being the nice brother and was holding Ducati's flowers.
Nope...never mind he wasn't. :-)

 Flower girls. :-)
 Nothing cuter than seeing my man carrying 2 sippy cups. Makes me giggle with joy just looking at the photo.

Anyways we also went to the pool. Like everyday. All day. Each day. What else does one really need? Rest, relax, and hang out by the pool. That's all we wanted :-)

I normally won't post such a weird photo of myself. But it's funny so laugh away. My daughter loved to do canonballs but was too afraid to do them alone so I helped her out. 

Oh... and the first time our kids used a hot tub. Oh. My. Goodness. They loved it!
I'm not sure who loved it more Hailey or Ducati. 

But we also had a family movie night. Some redbox rental that I can't even remember the name of it since it was sooooo bad! 
But we made smores for dessert. 

Yeah we just popped off the fireplace gate and made our smores that way. Hey- we're on vacation so we wanted to do this the most laziest way we could. :-)

 Mike and Me ♥

 And before we left our rented condo we had to take one more dip. And man was it worth it. We had the whole pool to ourselves so super splashes happened everywhere.

 Ducati first :-)
  Next Lily :-)
And even Hailey wanted a turn. 

So after this we packed up as quick as we could and headed to McD's (kid's choice not mine) for lunch. Then headed home. Even though we were 45 minutes from home it was so nice to get out of our daily living routine and just have fun. This vacation is something we all desperately needed and we can't wait for our next one.

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