Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Past Week

My mind has been elsewhere this past week. But here are some cute and adorable highlights from this past week that I want to remember forever. 

#1 Lily, Ducati, and I went up to Mike's work since that's where our doctor's office is at so whenever we go a quick visit from Mike is a must. On this day Lily seen the forklift that Mike drives and just fell in love with it. :-) She loves it so much that she wants to be a forklift driver when she grows up now. 

#2. Lily had a playdate with one of her friends so this gave Ducati and me some "Alone Time". So we went on a mommy~daughter lunch date.
 There's not that many places a 3 year old wants to go so we just went to McDonald's. But enjoying a milkshake and fries outside always make things more special.
 #3. Hailey's class put on a Mother's day performance which was the most adorable thing I have ever witnessed. The class sang some songs (that left me teary eye) and there was some games for the mom's and kids to play. Along with some yummy muffins for a morning snack. However this mom packed her own gluten free muffin.
 (see Hailey in the back. Follow the pink arrow)

#4. Mike and I were able to go on a date together. With the new Star Trek movie out in theaters we HAD to find the time to make this date happen. And it was nice to enjoy my husband's company without having to compete with 4 others. 

#5. I don't remember which morning this happened on but Mike and Lily had breakfast together. Nothing fantastic... only cereal.... but that bonding time was what made that breakfast time fantastic. It's the little things that count. :-) 

There's nothing too major happening in our lives. Just sunshine that we've missed so much that we've spent alot of time outside. So this has caused me to get alittle behind in my blogging.
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