Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

I feel very blessed to be able to celebrate Mother's Day with my family. Since I wouldn't be a mom without my 4 rugrats. :-)

This year was much like last years Mother's Day. We had 3 people who had colds. So 2 in the begining stage and 1 near the end. So this mom was working around the clock to help take care of my sickies.

But I was still able to enjoy myself.

At church I gave a talk in sacrament. I spoke from my heart about how I try to be a better daughter of God. I was really nervous since this was my first talk EVER in sacrament. But despite my nerves the Lord helped me deliver the message I was suppose to deliver. And from the sounds of it from people in my ward I did a great job. They would have never known that this was my first time talking. That my message delivered such a strong spirit to them that they walked away feeling blessed.

All good things to hear since I was nervous.

When we came home my kiddos all went down for a lovely nap where Mike took that time to vacuum our living room. :-)

Our home teachers came over which is always a nice thing. Our family really loves the messages they bring to us.

But no Mother's Day would be complete without gifts. (Honestly I really didn't want gifts but my kids insisted so Mike took them all to Dollar Tree)
So I was spoiled with a
Diet Coke + silk roses from Mason.
Paper plates +  plastic spoons from Hailey.
Silk orchid + popsicles from Lily.
Fly swatter + socks from Ducati. ("so I can smash bugs".... I love that girl!)
But Mike really spoiled me with a pair of funky socks and a new coupon binder.
                                Now I look like a professional couponer with my handy shoulder strap and dual binders so I can separate my coupons. Yup- I love it! When I transfered everything into this big momma it weighed close to 7lbs. I hate to see how much it weighs now. But that's 7lbs of money saving paper. :-)

Anyways I had a great mother's day. I feel truly blessed to be a mother of 4 amazing and complete different spirits. They teach me more than I think I teach them. They help me grow in more ways than I thought one person could grow. They have helped me become the type of person I always wanted to become... Me :-)

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