Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Unexpected Wind Storm

Since we've lived in our home we've experienced some pretty strong wind storms. But usually we get some sort of heads up. Either a weather watch on the tv. Or a phone call from someone in our ward. But not today. While Mike and I were watching a movie we heard a loud crash. It was so loud that our neighbor next to us heard it and ran over to our door to check on us. And this is what we found. Our next door neighbors trampoline flew into Mike's back windshield and busted the whole thing out.
After I took a few pictures for insurance purposes.....and to blog about. Our neighbor helped Mike pull this trampoline to the gate behind our house and chained it there.
Holy Cow!
The next morning when our neighbors seen Mike's car they knew what had happened since this wasn't the first time that their trampoline crashed into Mike's car. So they quickly cleaned up the glass (he even vacuumed the grass since he knows my children walk barefoot) and replaced the glass within a couple of days. We're so grateful that he did all of that for us.
But this was surely a fun little adventure. :-)
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