Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Zoo Mystery

Hailey's 1st grade class puts on an opera each year with the help from the Utah Opera Dept at some college ( when I find the flyer I'll update this post) 
Anyways the children in this class write their own opera. No help from adults on ideas or lyrics. They do 100% of the work. Then the opera department takes the children's lyrics and makes a score for it. Which they then bring back to the class and help the kids rehearse their parts. Then the students paint their own background set and make their own costumes. To this opera is 100% the students. 
It's pretty awesome to witness this magical opera Hailey and her classmates created. 
I recorded the entire thing so if you want to see if email me and I'll send you the file :-)
Anyways Hailey absolutely loved being on stage. 

As Mike and I knew she would. She played the role of the sister in the family who went to the zoo with no animals. All the zoo animals fell down a manhole and the family called in some detectives to help find the lost animals. 

 It was adorable just like my sweet girl!

  Hailey showed us around the set and the bush behind her she painted. It's a berry bush.
 The manhole which the animals fell down. And the phone that she used to call the detectives.
Hailey had such a wonderful time making this production of, "The Zoo Mystery". She can't wait to get back up on stage again.
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